Millersown, PA.


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Mel Thomas Introduced Country Legend


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Country Legend


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Far left: Pat Aumiller is playing bass


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Cowboy Teen  Sings with Country Legend


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Dan Ressinger sings with Country Legend


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Gary singing Carolina


02.17.07 shlby and vic-7.jpg (182043 bytes)

Vick Miller and Shelby Nestler sings with Country Legend


02.17.07 shlby and gary,pat=8.jpg (193777 bytes)

Gary and Shelby singing "Till Each Tear Becomes A Rose"


02.17.07 Rick drumming-9.jpg (393792 bytes)

Rick drumming


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Dan Ressinger finishes the night with Country Legend


Thanks to everyone that came out to sing with the band

and see the band. It was a huge success


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