Monticello, Ny


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Joseph and Rick with the two girls in charge!

Regina and Brita


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15 Time Grammy winner Jimmy Sturr took time to pose

with the band after he honored the crowd

with a song during the show


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The room was small however

it was filled with a enthusiastic crowd


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Ken taking a break between shows.



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The white lights were so hot that Tommy shed his coat


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Happy Willie


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Tommy singing to the crowd of over three

thousand that attended the  Thunder Bash

Sponsored by the Hot Country 102


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Willie the Star has someone play the bass for him!!!!!

He is saying you better play it right


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It will take some time for Shelby to forget

applause  roar of three thousand fans


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Snow on March 25th???

The band all wanted to get off this exit.

Notice it is the exit for the Promised Land.



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