Quyon, Quebec

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We had breakfast in this great diner near Watertown, Ny

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We became great friends with Louie. Thanks Louie for all you did for us.


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Mike Celine and Donnie in conversation?

Mike filled in drumming for Scott in Canada



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Louie's band backs up a wonderful singer, Darlene.


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Mike Celene behind the drums, during the show.

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Kingie is happy to be back on bass after a week off!

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Salesman Donnie!

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Tommy and Gary having fun.

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Trace Buck singing Jackson with Tommy Cash.

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Did you ever wonder what it looks like from the stage when the bright lights are on?

Take notice that you can't see much!!

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Mike Celene trying to get some sleep coming home after the show!

Thanks again Mike, for all your help. You did a great job!

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