08.06.05 tommy ride-1.jpg (299872 bytes)


Tommy takes an unexpected ride at West End Fair.


08.06.05 gary-2.jpg (226262 bytes)


Gary singing one of the opening songs.


08.06.05 rick-3.jpg (252782 bytes)

Rick singing "If I Could Only Fly."


08.06.05 rick's mom-4.jpg (210662 bytes)

Third lady from left is Rick Buck's mom, Nance

enjoys watching her boy perform on stage.


08.06.05 having fun-5.jpg (265164 bytes)

More stage shots.


08.06.05 rick jamin-6.jpg (262978 bytes)

Rick's guitar looks like it's on fire from all the hot licks he's playing.


08.06.05 beautiful sunset-7.jpg (218671 bytes)

A beautiful sunset off the stage at West End Fair, between shows.


08.06.05 tommy shelb-8.jpg (270360 bytes)

Shelby and Tommy enjoys singing "Jackson."


08.06.05 special friends9.jpg (260078 bytes)

Our good friends Jim and Sherry pose with Tommy after the show.



08.06.05 joes children-10.jpg (190943 bytes)

Tommy poses with the daughters of our keyboard player.


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