08.20.05 canada-1.jpg (221374 bytes)

The Guys were really tired of waiting on food!!!



08.20.05 canada travis-3.jpg (316325 bytes)

Travis Tritt




08.20.05 canada-crowd-5.jpg (253716 bytes)

Over one hundred thousand were in attendance



08.20.05 canada-tommy and travis-6.jpg (346661 bytes)

Travis Called Tommy On Stage To Sing A Verse Of

Folsom During His Encord


08.20.05 canada stage from the back-7.jpg (300957 bytes)

A view of the two stages

One band played while the other one set up


08.20.05 canada ricky -9.jpg (378226 bytes)

Ricky Van Sheldon

08.20.05 canada-10.jpg (301669 bytes)

  Gary, Ricky, Rick and the owner of the Havlock Jamboree. Jack

08.20.05 canada-ricky skags-12.jpg (207465 bytes)


Ricky Skaggs

08.20.05 canada-ricky skags gary-13.jpg (328091 bytes)

Gary and Ricky

08.20.05 canada band-14.jpg (199320 bytes)

The Cash Crew on stage

08.20.05 canada band-15.jpg (254449 bytes)
Another stage shot

08.20.05 canada- tommy16.jpg (246499 bytes)

Tommy in the spotlight


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