Watsontown, PA  4th  annual  Bucky Bash


The 4th Annual Bucky Bash was held at Norman's Watson Inn Saturday, September 13 in the Moon Room.

Over $2700.00  was raised to be distributed as yearly scholarships for further education to high school graduates of Warrior Run, Milton, Lewisburg and Mifflinburg school districts in memory of Norman E. Buck Sr. in the fields of HVAC Contracting Business, Music, or Culinary advancement.

The entire Buck family and  the Watson Inn would like to thank the bands who performed. (Royal Benson, Tone Dogz, Pullsh, Sandy of Karaoke Konnections and Country Legend) WILQ radio, K&S Music and all the patrons and friends who continually turn out to support this worthy event. See you next year!

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Royal Benson

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Tone Dogz

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Country Legend

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Shelby Nestler singing with CLB

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Jen Buck and Gary

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Jennifer Buck and Mike Parrish

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Mike Parrish

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Gary's Uncle Jerry Swartz trying to sing!

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Jim wilson singing with CLB

(below) crowd photos

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