Bucky Bash 2007


Over 100 people attended the "Bucky Bash" held on Sunday, September 16, 2007

at Norman's Watson Inn. The "Bucky Bash" raised over $2,000.00 for the Norman E. Buck

Scholarship Fund. The t-shirt was auctioned for over $600 going to Dale Walize,

who then returned it to Norman's Watson Inn to be displayed in the Red oak lounge.

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Pictured - front, l-r: Dale Walize, Nancy Buck; rear: Tracy Buck, Rick Buck,

Nicole Buck, Norman Buck Jr., Pam Lenig, Charlie Showers, Jennifer Buck.


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Tickled Pink opened the Bucky Bash

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Royal Benson came on second

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Milltown Blues were Third

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The Cash Crew came on last

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It was a honor to have Eddie scholl play with the band

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Mike Parrish sings a David Frizzell song with Jen Buck


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Gary always enjoys singing with Jen

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Barry Stine and his wife clapping to the song "Walk on the water"?

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Are we having fun yet!

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