Sparta, Oh.

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Moore and Moore opened the shows and the crowds loved them


10.21.06sparta,oh-2.jpg (276236 bytes)

Debbie and Carrie Moore

The Cash Crew enjoyed backing them up in Sparta


10.21.06sparta,oh-3.jpg (196048 bytes)

Both girls thought they were woman enough to take this man


10.21.06sparta,oh-4.jpg (182091 bytes)

Tommy Cash


10.21.06sparta,oh-5.jpg (368317 bytes)

Tracy singing wth Tommy



10.21.06sparta,oh-6.jpg (213485 bytes)

The Sheriff's Department heard the Darby Green was in town.


10.21.06sparta,oh-7.jpg (236145 bytes)

The Famous Darby Green

10.21.06sparta,oh-8.jpg (344662 bytes)

Debbie and Carrie pose on stage for a picture taken by Tracy

10.21.06sparta,oh-9.jpg (342463 bytes)

Tracy getting a hug from Tommy

10.21.06sparta,oh-10.jpg (301642 bytes)

Darby Green posing wth The Cash Crew, No line painting this time!!!!!!



10.21.06sparta,oh-11.jpg (250928 bytes)

The Cash Crew and Mike Celine


10.21.06sparta,oh-12.jpg (213272 bytes)

McDonalds drive through at 4 a.m. Mike is driving!!!

I think they were all over the legal limit!!

10.21.06sparta,oh-13.jpg (263954 bytes)

Somewhere over the Rainbows




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