Crossville, Tn.

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Tommy Cash's name appeared on the sponsors' miniature ferris wheel !


mark and gary before the show.jpg (150133 bytes)

Mark Cash enjoys his first taste of Pennsylvania Birch beer!

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Tommy and his wife, Marcy.

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Speical guest, Johnny Moore.

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Mark Cash, opening the show for his father, Tommy Cash.

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Tommy Cash, gets serious while doing a tribute to his brother, Johnny.

Marge and Debby Rhoads.jpg (221113 bytes)

Marge and Debby Rhoads, backup Tommy at the show.

Tommy and girls.jpg (166852 bytes)

Tommy is pleased with the backup singers performance!

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Mark Cash, Tommy Cash, Gary Swartz, and Billy Engle.

Tommy get down.jpg (179801 bytes)

Mark, Tommy, and Gary get down!

tommy and johnny.jpg (143457 bytes)

Tommy Cash and his good friend, Johnny Moore, sing the closing song!

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Thanks Billy, for doing a great job, filling in for Rick!

Billy finds out that life on the road is tiring!


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