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Gary began his musical career with Bluegrass bands in the area and became the second "oldest" member of COUNTRY LEGEND a few short years later. A talented singer, he was born and raised with a strong gospel upbringing, which can still be heard in his voice today.
"Where do I start.Yes I was born in Thompsontown Pa. and have lived in that general area all my life - Past that, I love music. Guess that is enough said"
But a quiet man he is not.
"He is the center of attention because we allow him to be", says Kingy, and all the guys agree that is where he loves to be-center stage. Gary loves to perform and does a good job on rhythm guitar, and writes a good song, but fronting the band and singing the lead parts is his claim to fame. " He does most of the bus driving, room booking, general moaning and worrying, and is considered our ROAD DADDY.Past that when he is tired in the back of the bus he is just the bear from the cave" so says Tommy Cash rest of the "He also has one hell of a great voice!"
As Rick would say, "He ain't the best, but he is the best we got - I guess we will keep him as long as we can stand him-But sometimes .......LOL"

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