Crowd in Hayward.jpg (230561 bytes)

A  photo of one of the best crowds we ever played for .

Thank you Hayward!!


cash crew show hayward.jpg (247647 bytes)

Side shot of the Cash Crew opening show.


hayward show.jpg (246933 bytes)


Tommy  Cash onstage in Hayward



Joseph and Billy in Hayward.jpg (207551 bytes)

Billy Engle and Joseph Houserman on stage

Gary and Billy in Hayward.jpg (204211 bytes)

Gary, Steve, and Gary onstage

Thank steve and Billy for filling in and doing a great job!!


patty and tommy.jpg (252923 bytes)

Patty and Tommy singing Daddy Sang Bass


Tommy and Patty.jpg (187196 bytes)

Steve Lake.jpg (244933 bytes)

Steve Lake is the full time drimmer for Shot Gun Red and helped us with his talents in Wisconson

He also is a great Bus Driver!!!!