20 years Of "Country Legend"

20 Years together. “Whodaeverthunkit”. When the 5 of us got together for our first band gig in June of 1990 we knew we could stand each other for a little while BUT we never thought we would still be standing together 20 yrs later. Most bands have member changes every 3 to 5 years-IF they even last that long , guess maybe nobody else wanted any of us -so here we are.

We were not strangers to each other. This band formed from 2 distinct bands of the 70’s.Bucky Walters started “Wheeling Feeling” which Gary, Kingy and Carl were a part of. Norm Buck started “Bucky and The Good Tymes” which Rick and Scott were a part of. As things were changing we got together at a meeting of the minds and decided “what the hell-let’s play a while together” and the current lineup of “Country Legend” began.

We have had our share of hardships and arguments thru the years. The loss of our “Fiddleman” in 1992 and an extensive touring schedule in 1993 put the hurts to us early and we thought maybe 3 years was enough. But we worked thru it and stayed together traveling from the little club gigs as an “animal act” in the local Moose and Eagles and Elks clubs in PA. to the carnival circuit and then the county fairs ,then all over the good ole USA ,thru all of Canada ,Beijing China, and all over Europe from Ireland to Denmark ,Norway ,Austria ,Northern Ireland ,Switzerland ,England and next is Australia and Scotland.

“Country Legend” has  had the honor to work with many great legends in this business we call country music. We have become best’est of buddies with the likes of David Frizzell , Dale Hooper and Tommy Cash.

Along the way we have been honored to work with The Children’s Miracle Network(raising over $70,000 and counting)received a few Billboard, Music City Songwriting and ASCAP songwriting awards, and won a True Value Showdown. We have also enjoyed the past 10 years workin with Joey Hauserman on keys with "our boss" Tommy Cash as " The Cash Crew". We have appeared on RFD TV in Branson, CMT in Canada ,Balcony TV in Ireland, and numerous TV shows and videos thru out Europe ,Canada and the USA, been inducted into “The Northern Ontario Country Music Hall Of Fame”, and played everywhere from Branson MI. to Wheeling WV. to Horsens Prison in Denmark performing in front of crowds as large as  23,000 folks in Havelock Canada. We were even were blessed with a sit down meeting with General Norman Schwarzkopf.

We have been broke down on Mount Rushmore, stoned in Chehalis Washington, totally lost in Idaho, beyond drunk in Sparta Ohio, kicked out of a bowling alley in Port Huron Michigan, walked thru a drive thru at a McDonalds in Paw Paw West Virginia, hit by a flying bed in Detroit Michigan, blew up our bus in Knoxville Tennessee, and almost got arrested for painting road lines in Gillette Wyoming. BUT we have never hit a Moose...yet! Not too shabby for a bunch of hairy legged ole boys from central Pabus6.JPG (65453 bytes)

History:Who is "Country Legend"
"Country Legend" is a group of four musicians from The USA State of Pennsylvania. All have been honing their craft for well over 30 years to become the quality musicians and writers they are today.Known across the mountains of central Pennsylvania as "A Band On The Rise" this band has been together, with the same members, since 1990.
The four seasoned musicians who comprise the band come from various musical backgrounds,lending to the rare talent of being able to perform a wide variety of music -and do it well.Their backgrounds include country,rock,bluegrass and gospel music.
But can they entertain?
Their stage presence has made them "the band to hire" for many Nashville acts including Tommy Cash,David Frizzell,Jack Greene,Johnny Counterfit and Stonewall Jackson(to name a few) to be their stage band while touring the USA .
"Country Legend's" stage show has also made them a great opening act for artist such as George Jones,Willie Nelson,Merle Haggard,Diamond Rio,The Oak Ridge Boys,Billy Ray Cyrus,Marty Stuart,Travis Tritt,Herman's Hermits,The Grass Roots and many others.
These guys also have heart.They have been working with The Children's Miracle Network since 1995 and have raised over seventy thousand dollars for their efforts on behalf of the kids.
 Individually these guys are great  players-but as a group is where the show begins and the stage comes alive.
Catch a "Country Legend" show or visit us at our web site at www.countrylegend.com . Listen to a "Country Legend" recording and find out what all the fuss is about.We hope to be coming to a town near you soon.Stop by and say hello and have a great time-We know we will.

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