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Scott is the baby of the band.Born and raised in the Allenwood Pa. area he has been playing drums in bands since the age of 15."Rick and I have been together in bands for nearly 25 years-and sometimes I wonder how we can do it" Scott came to drum with COUNTRY LEGEND at the same time as Rick in 1990.

An accomplished drummer and percussionist he is. A singer he is not! "We never give him a microphone because we don't want to lose the crowd"says Rick. But as Gary and Kingy can tell you, if you want to keep em laughin, put Scotty on the microphone. "We never know what he is gonna do" says Kingy. "Heck we never know where he is"

Scott's other claim to fame is a the secondary bus driver for the band. Many a motorist can tell you when he is driving-Just watch out. And as the band will tell you . "When Scott is driving the bus, He is the ONLY one..... who can sleep !!"

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