Bakersfield,  California


huge screen.jpg (28127 bytes)

The event had two big screens and several smaller screens so the acts could be seen from any location.


huge flag.jpg (35111 bytes)

Huge flag made out of toothpicks on the convention ground.


kathy our director.jpg (31126 bytes)

Kathy Lingenfelter,  the entertainment coordinator, was very helpful

Thank you Kathy!


eating in bakersfield.jpg (42089 bytes)

Part of our group enjoying a roast beef dinner.

They served 10,000 people in an hour !


stage and screen.jpg (33842 bytes)

It's  not a double exposure! This picture show the stage and the huge big screen overhead

scott big screen.jpg (24970 bytes)

Scott on the big screen.

billy on big screen.jpg (26724 bytes)

Billy on the big screen


gary and rick big screen.jpg (33340 bytes)

Gary  on the big screen


rick big screen.jpg (34035 bytes)

Rick on the big screen

counterfit big screen.jpg (30864 bytes)

Counterfit on the big screen

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