Nashville Tenn.

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The Nashville Nightlife Theater

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The Marquee at Nashville Nightlife Theater


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The closed stage before the show

Notice the picture of  Tommy and Johnny at the Eiffel Tower

The guitar on picture right is Johnny Cash's guitar

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Mark singing his soon to be hit  " Hells Door"

Click Here to hear Hells Door

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Tommy on stage at the Nashville Nightlife


tommy and anita.jpg (50474 bytes)

Tommy sing and having fun with the song Jackson

Pictured with Is Anita Anderson

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Another picture of Tommy Cash and Anita

Remember Anita Stapleton?? Yep that is her. Small world huh!!

joey the ring of fire man.jpg (36631 bytes)

Joseph .. The Ring  Of  Fire Man!!!!


rick and johnny's guitar.jpg (48754 bytes)

Rick holding one of Johnny Cash's guitar.. Johnny Gave this guitar to Mark!!

Mark and cara.jpg (44256 bytes)

Mark with his daughter Cara Cash


what a crew.jpg (59700 bytes)

One happy Pumped up  crew after a exciting show

Tommy sang his heart out to a crowd of his peers

guitar playing horse.jpg (41473 bytes)

Who says little horses can't play guitar..??

Rumor has it he can play better than Gary!!


The Nashville Palace

mark at the palace.jpg (62435 bytes)

Within a few minutes of being there we were invited onstage

Mark is singing and Gary is singing harmoney and looking silly

What a Honor To be invited to sing at the Palace

gary at the palace.jpg (75049 bytes)

Gary singing Farwell Party at the Palace


rick at the palace.jpg (62904 bytes)

Rick doing what he does best... Making strings talk at the Palace



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