adair manner.jpg (124358 bytes)

This is the Adare Manor. A room for one night cost $1,800 dollars a night


john and girls and vinnie.jpg (130555 bytes)

Leann, John, Vince, and Trace at the main door of the Adare Manor

tommy and john.jpg (100676 bytes)

John is the door man for the Manner. Pictured here with Tommy

vinnie.jpg (120705 bytes)

Vince Hand our driver tried out a Lord's chair...Lord Hand????

blarney castle.jpg (168413 bytes)

The side of the Blarney Castle built in the 13  hundreds

tommy stone.jpg (160404 bytes)

Tommy kissing the Blarney Stone

tracy kissing.jpg (139458 bytes)

Tracy kissing the Blarney Stone

rick kissing.jpg (138330 bytes)

Rick with his lips on the  Blarney stone!!

gary kissing the blarney stone.jpg (171541 bytes)

Gary Kissing the Blarney Stone

tommys finest moments.jpg (150850 bytes)

Tommy just being Tommy....

dinner.jpg (161549 bytes)

Taking time to pose for a picture during a meal.

One of the finest resturants in Ireland and Tracy Paid!!! Thanks Trace

great photo.jpg (102554 bytes)

This little boy just appeared behind the wall.. Great Picture


tour bus.jpg (115542 bytes)

Our Tour Bus


kingy lost.jpg (134908 bytes)

Kingy is not lost he just doesn't know where he is at!!

road-2.jpg (145895 bytes)

Never got used to driving on the wrong side of the road.

river shannon-3.jpg (97241 bytes)  

The River Shannon.. A view from the hotel room.

tommy marcy.jpg (112460 bytes)

Tommy and Marcy Cash


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