Joseph Paul

                                     WELCOME to "The Cash Crew"

"Joey" as we affectionately call him, has been with us as "The Cash Crew" since 2003.Together we have traveled all over the USA and Canada and around the world from Europe to China. He is definitely NOT a quiet man and LOVES to talk. VERY knowledgeable of the music bizz "He can be trying at times-BUT always fun and well meaning" says Rick "He ain't country BUT he will have to do" as Kingy likes to say.

Joseph is a product of Philly sounds and gravitated to Country music thru the years. A talented drummer and percussionist, this is his first real gig as a keyboard man. Not too shabby a start as the original (and only) Keyboard and sound tech for Tommy Cash and the crew.

"He does a good job on harmonies and Loves to flail away like a wild man at times" says Scott . Rick always loves to add when talkin bout Joey "Dance Monkey Dance...LOL"   Come to a show and ya will see what we mean.


Joseph Paul Hauserman - Keyboards

Joseph grew up playing and performing in church. After getting his taste of music at the early age of five, Joseph has spent 25 years working on his recording career, from engineering and producing to studio work on keyboards, drums, guitar and vocals. He's worked with producers such as Nile Rodgers (produced the B-52s), Andy Jons (produced Joni Mitchell), Mitch Goldfarb (produced Ace of Base), Neil Dorfsman (produced Dire Straits and Paul McCartney) and other top Nashville producers.   "You can take a great song and play it on a simple acoustic guitar in your kitchen, and it's still a great song. In any genre…the song is the song is the song…"